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August 13, 2019

I don’t really know where to begin this blog post and review, but I recently had an experience with the Upsetters Zola cigar that opened my eyes to something that I had seen but never saw before. How, you might ask, can one get a picture of something and not see it? I contend that this can happen because seeing does not occur until an understanding of what one is beholding has been obtained.  I am an avid cigar smoker and I usually stick with the popular and as the adage goes the tried and true cigars and the Cigar shop brand names.

I had been noticing the Upsetters brand when I visit my favorite and honestly one of the best cigar’s shops in Horn Lake, MS area Crossroad Cigars.  This shop is one of the best keep secret in the Horn Lake and Memphis areas.  The prices are the best you are going to find in the area, and I promise you I might have been patron of almost every shop in the area.  I can say from my personal experience they have created an atmosphere that will allow any personality type the A+ enjoyment of a cigar smoking experience and they are very welcoming to and the sight of the gentle giant George an Irish wolfhound makes every day seems sunny.  

But back to this awesome cigar, I must admit I purchased this cigar and I just knew it wouldn’t be as good as the more notable cigars.  It was a surprise to me the experience I had with this cigar.  The draw was great and the roust flavors sent my taste buds to an instance party.  The sweetness of the first draw with the smoothness of earth, sweet tea, and pepper flavors hit just right.  This cigar took me back mentally to my happy place and my both my mind and body was totally relax.  I highly recommend this cigar to all those that enjoy a cigar of fine tobacco quality and you must enjoy this cigar at the Crossroad Cigar’s shop.  Because it is a place to take a line from that 80’s television show Cheers, Crossroads is a place “where everybody knows your name” and you can enjoy a great primal cigar on a working man budget. I hope to see you there soon.

-Katral K. Rainey

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