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"We’re a couple of cigar enthusiast that have built a business where people can have a comfortable venue to smoke cigars and relax".

Crossroads Cigars are the only sellers of premium cigars and tobacco in the Horn Lake area. Our purpose is to bring convenience to the cigar smokers in the community and to create an atmosphere where people can come to relax and enjoy themselves with peers of common interest. We put on events that brings in a certified cigar roller that will absorb you into the history and process of cigar making. 

At Crossroads Cigars we are enthusiast and care about the customer experience, from the moment you enter the lounge and choose a cigar, until you decide to leave. Wether our customers are Cigar Aficionados or novice smokers we aim to please with quality, while you immerse yourself in the culture of Crossroads Cigars. 

No matter the occasion, our experienced staff will help you pair the perfect smoke with your drink of choice wether it be coffee while you read a book, beer with your friends or wine with a special person. Life moves at a fast pace and we forget to enjoy the small things, let us help you slowdown and relax. 

Our Cigar Aficionados


Ward Deaton


Tony Denton



What we Offer

Premium Cigars
We have a humidor that holds premium cigars from the top brands. If we don't have your cigar of choice, make a request and we will get them.
Smoking Accessories
We have a variety of smoking accessories to choose from for our smoking enthusiast. Contact us to see what we have available.
We have cards, dominos, chess board, and two TV's, or you can choose to sit and enjoy a cigar and conversate.
Come Smoke with Us!
Today is the day that you begin to enjoy the small things. Come Join us at Cross Roads Cigars and leave the worries of the world behind you—one cigar at a time.
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